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Who is Thomas

Thomas is the person, who introduced all us on the campus, when we were receiving at the university the education that none of us needed.

Unless of course “have problems with” can be attributed to what we did not have, then we can safely say that we all had money problems. As far as I remember, namely, Thomas came up with the brilliant idea. We have to do something since none of us had the intention to practice our professions.

The others agreed to engage in any work, if only they have to do nothing. Everyone unanimously agreed on this desire. We had to come up with such an occupation as to earn as much as possible with little effort. This concept was perfect for our idea of the world and love all over the world. We decided that we need to think of such an occupation as to spend on it no more than 1 hour per day and use the remaining 23 hours to drink beer, smoke pot and play Sony PS.

Nobody remembers who suggested ordering fake NIKE from China and selling it at our place. However, everyone remembers how police came to Ruslan’s house. Neighbors called the police, because we were making a lot of noise. Someone offered a pot to the police and invited the officers to feel at home. They took advantage of the offer, at least of the part where they had to feel at home, and found in the garage our storage of NIKE stuff/belongings.

Our first common activity/business failed within three months. Now we laugh at this story, but then a few of us filled their pants. Well, some of us. Oh well. All of us filled their pants. It is true. The only thing that kept us safe was the boxes with pants in the attic.

A lot of foolish ideas and initiatives took place between the above-described events and the present, in which we look like decent people and conduct trade on cryptocurrency stock exchanges. Now one cannot remember everything, because it has been over ten years ago.

We got older and realized that he who would eat the nut must first crack the shell. Ruslan constantly quotes our Russian proverbs. He believes that he was a Russian Emperor in his previous life.

We all live in his big house and are like a separate state with our own laws and regulations.

So Thomas is our president, leader, inspirer, brother, abbot, doctor, father.

As befits such cases, a portrait of our president hangs on the hall’s wall:

Thomas the King

Yes, we persuaded him to put on his jacket, smile and take this picture.

If you think that Thomas is always a smiling man, you are wrong. He is smiling in the picture only because he has just been told a rather vulgar joke about lesbians.

99.999% of time, Thomas looks completely different. In general, he always has such a serious face, as those unfortunate people who have read “WWR” of Arthur Schopenhauer to the very end.

But other than that he is just Thomas. He is special only because he is our Thomas, and I can guarantee you that there is no man like him and will never be.


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